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lean in (to something) to incline or press into something. You have to lean into the wind when you walk or you will be blown over. As you walk into the wind, lean in a little bit. In attempts to emulate the success of Toyota, many companies translated “going Lean” to mean cutting waste, cutting corners, and cutting people: relentless elimination of waste with little regard for the health of the overall system.

Lean meaning

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(verb) An example of lean is for an injured athlete to rest on his teamm Dictionary ! Menu Lean meaning. lēn . Lean is possible through distinct techniques such as flow charts, just in time, total quality management, workplace redesigning, and total productive maintenance.

This was a lean speech for lean times, with few personal anecdotes or lofty ambitions.


Video av exotiskt, definition, karibiskt - 186087331. Definition av Lean Body. Definitionen av en mager kropp är ofta ubjektiv och bedöm av betraktaren.

Lean meaning

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till att lean produktion har skilda konsekvenser för kvinnor och män, för olika av arbetsuppgifter, eftersom detta mer eller mindre per definition minskar  How DDMRP compares to standard lean manufacturing practices · A basic definition of DDMRP · How DDMRP and lean concepts coalesce · How  Community trade mark concerned: word mark 'Lean Performance Index' for goods as a 'service concession' within the meaning of Article 1(4) of that directive. Lyrics, Song Meanings, Videos, Full Albums & Bios: Min Dag, Isobel, Misstag, Benzo, Drabbad Av Sjukdom, Svarta havet, Paranoid schizofren, Krigstied,  Idagärdetbara 24 %avUSA:s kvinnor som säger sigvara feminister. När de däremotfick en mer specifik definition av feminism – ”En feminist är någon som tror på. Re:definition av agil. 02 Jun 2016 08:2329101. Ulrika Park, Frontit. Read more Lean + Agile.

Sense 1. Meaning: The property possessed by a line or surface that departs from the vertical.
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Lean meaning

lean out vi phrasal phrasal verb, intransitive: Verb with adverb(s) or preposition(s), having special meaning and not taking direct object--for example, "make up" [=reconcile]: "After they fought, they made up." 2019-05-04 · Lean In and Go For It . She goes on to talk about how women, unintentionally, hold themselves back in their careers. Then she uses the infamous phrase "lean in", seek challenges, and continue to pursue their career goals without fear. She advises young women to lean in in order to move up the hierarchy.

The principles encourage creating better flow in work processes and developing a continuous improvement culture.
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Defining Lean Production

to incline, as in a particular direction; slant: The post leans to the left. 3. to incline in feeling, opinion, action, etc.: to lean toward socialism. lean verb [I/T] (SLOPE) to move your body away from a vertical position so that it is bent forward or resting against something, or to place something in a sloping position against something: [ I always + adv/prep ] The conductor leaned over us and asked for our tickets. A narcotic drink that makes the user feel extremely drowsy and often euphoric.


None found. av A Paulig · 2017 — egen Lean definition. Alla respondenterna är bekanta med begreppen muda, kaizen, standardisering och heijunka, dvs. hörnstenarna för Lean.

Traditionally lean in has been used in the context of sports to mean “to shift one’s body weight forward or toward someone or something.” In water and snow sports, you can lean into a wave, the wind, a slope, or a turn. You can lean into a pitch, or throw, or catch as well. Definition in Telugu: ఉండడం లేదా ఏటవాలు స్థానం కి జరగడం. What is Lean? What is Lean?